Pick-Up Zones

Samson Mall

All sunrise and early-bird shuttles depart from this location. If you are boarding one of our sunrise or early-bird shuttles, please park at Samson Mall and walk to our pick-up point outside Wilson Mountain Sports to board the bus. The bus picks up from the taxi stand outside Wilson Mountain Sports.

Lake Louise Summer Gondola

If you are arriving by vehicle after 6:00am, this is the pick-up zone for you! The parking area is very large, so leave ten (10) minutes to walk across the lot to our pick-up zone. Our buses pick up from outside Lodge of the Ten Peaks.


Enjoy Moraine Lake Bus Company’s two incredible scenic destinations.

Lake Louise

Walk around the lake, explore the Chateau (it means 'Cat-Water' in French) or hike up to Fairview Lookout.

If you want to stop at Lake Louise, please make sure you book a bus ticket that includes a 1 hour stop, as not all our buses stop at Lake Louise.
  • 20min from the Lake Louise Summer Gondola

Moraine Lake

Enjoy the views from the Rockpile, or hike to Eiffel Lake, Larch Valley, Sentinel Pass, or Wenkchemna Pass for a longer day out.

If you want to go directly to Moraine Lake, please ensure you book one of our direct buses, as some of our buses include a 1 hour stop at Lake Louise.
  • 55min from the Lake Louise Summer Gondola


Yes! We provide 2 sunrise shuttles to Moraine Lake.

Our 4am shuttle is for getting an alpine start on your hike or climb.

Our 5am shuttle is for watching the sunrise from the Rockpile.

In September and October, the 6:20am and 6:45am shuttle can also be used as a sunrise shuttle.

Our first buses depart from Samson Mall @ 4:00am and arrive at Moraine Lake by 4:35am.

Animals are allowed on our Moraine Lake shuttle, but only if in a carrying case that is small enough to fit on your lap. Certified service animals of any size are allowed on our buses. Our policies mirror those of Parks Canada and Roam Transit.

Prices for the Moraine Lake shuttle are round-trip.

Many visitors like to watch sunrise from the Rockpile and take the first shuttle back @7:15am for breakfast and a coffee in the Lake Louise Village.

Other visitors rent a canoe, or hike to Consolation Lakes, Eiffel Lake, Larch Valley, Sentinel Pass, or Wenkchemna Pass. The time for each of these activities varies greatly from activity to activity and person to person. 

A terrific resource for information about hiking trails at Moraine Lake can be found here.

Yes. Some of our buses include a 1-hour stop at Lake Louise Lakeshore en route to Moraine Lake. Please make sure you book the correct ticket during the booking process.

Not all buses stop at Lake Louise Lakeshore.

The Moraine Lake shuttle is operational from June 2 – October 9.

The Moraine Lake shuttle outbound trip takes 30 minutes

The Moraine Lake shuttle return trip takes 30 minutes.

See our Schedule & Rates page for more information.

No. Moraine Lake Road is closed to personal vehicles. To visit Moraine Lake, you must take a Moraine Lake shuttle.

However, visitors with a blue handicap hangtag will always be granted access to Moraine Lake and Lake Louise by Parks Canada.

Sunrise (4am departure): Parking is at Samson Mall.

After 6am: Parking is at the Lake Louise Ski Resort.

Parking is free at both locations.

We provide 2 sunrise shuttles to Moraine Lake.

Our 4am shuttle is for getting an alpine start on your hike or climb.

Our 5am shuttle is for watching the sunrise from the Rockpile.

In September and October, the 6:20am and 6:45am shuttle can also be used as a sunrise shuttle.

Sunrise times for Moraine Lake can be viewed here.

Our buses have space for visitors to bring strollers, large backpacks, climbing equipment, inflatable paddle boards and walkers. Our buses do not have space to accommodate rigid canoes or kayaks.

There are no cancellations, modifications or refunds within 72 hours of your departure. Hikers plan their vacation around visiting Moraine Lake and shuttling is their only option. Out of respect for others needing the shuttle, we need to give people enough time to plan and book.

Our cancellation policy applies in every situation and there will be no exceptions.

>72 hours of departure: Cancellations will be refunded 80%.

Depending on your objective, we recommend booking the last departure from Moraine Lake. If you’re back earlier, you can hop on an earlier bus if there’s space. Please give us a call if you’re trying to climb one of the bigger routes in the area and we can help you out.

There are no refunds or reschedules if you miss the bus. Our buses leave on time, so please plan to arrive at your bus stop at least ten (10) minutes before your departure.

If you miss the last bus, it is an 18km walk back to your vehicle. Don’t be late!

You can book a ticket up to 1 hour prior to departure. After that, we will sell any remaining tickets to visitors waiting at the bus stop.

Yes. All adult visitors to Banff National Park are required by Parks Canada to buy a permit for the duration of their stay. Passes are available to buy online, in-person at Parks Canada’s park gates, and information centres in Banff and Lake Louise.

There is no cell service at Moraine Lake. You start to gain cell reception approximately three (3) kilometres down the road towards Lake Louise.

Unfortunately not. However, vehicles travelling with a blue hang tag will always be granted access to the parking lots at Moraine Lake and Lake Louise Lakeshore by Parks Canada.

All infants and children are required to pay the child rate. Parents/guardians are responsible for supplying an appropriate child safety seat for their infant and/or child (as required).

Due to the limited number of seats, we highly recommended that you plan ahead and make a reservation before you visit. However, if there is availability when the bus arrives, you will be able to purchase a ticket directly from the bus driver.

We recommend the breathtaking views aboard the Lake Louise Summer Gondola. Book with us and save $15 off the price of your gondola ticket!

Yes, so long as the date you are changing from is not within 72 hours of departure.

No. If you do not board the bus at the location at either the Lake Louise Ski Resort & Summer Gondola OR Samson Mall, you will be counted as a ‘no-show’ and the space will be given to somebody else.

Our friends at provide more information about other shuttle providers.

Walking to Moraine Lake is not recommended as it is a 28km round trip. There are better ways to spend your day!

Yes, just let the bus driver know and they will let you off at the trailhead.

To return, please complete the loop and get picked up from Moraine Lake. We do not pick-up from Paradise Valley.

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